L03 Series Infrared Touch Panel

Product Description


L03 Series Infrared Touch Panel
Available Sizes: 65" 70" 75" 86" 98"
Donview L03 Series all-in-one touch panel embraces collaborative learning experience with 4K UHD display, anti-glare glass, inbuilt stereo speakers, multi-point touch and simultaneous multi-screen display.

Product Features :

1. 4K UHD Display
The highly accurate interactive panel with 4K Utra HD resolution provides incredibly stunning visuals and responsive handwriting experience.

2. High Precision Touch
Improved stylus recognition with multi-level pressure sensitivity reacting with thicker or thinner lines

3. Wireless Connectivity and Multi-screen Display (required Windows OPS)
Wireless connection with up to 20 devices. Compativeble to Window, Android, Mac and iPad.

4. Smooth and Anti-glare Surface
The super smooth surface provides a natural and fluid writing experience and is protected by impact and scratch resisistant and anti-glare glass.

5. User-friedly Design
Shortcut keys on two sides enable hassle-free access to the most frequently used tools and simultaneous operation from two presenters

6. Front Interface
Multiple input/output port for HDMI, USB2.0, 3.0 and Type-C

7. Optional OPS Computer System
With the in-built OPS interface, the unit can be easily upgraded to include an internal computer system. Computer specification is customizable.

8. Energy Efficient
Shift to ECO Mode for energy and re-wake the screen with a simple touch

9.Customizable Mounting Solutions
You can either mount the screen using the wall mount or on one of mobile stand to accomodate your need.

10. Powerful whiteboard software
- 18+ language options
-Simulation experiments for interactive learning.
- Annotation tools for presentations.

Please download product datasheet for more information.