Product Description


LUXZOR Wired Power Hub Tower, a mobile power supply solution for Collaborative Learning Environment
ie. Mobile Fan-shaped Desk display in a group of 4, 5 or 6 student/pax, forming table shapes of Hexagon
or round.
It is a real cost-effective and safe to use Mobile power supply solution that provides a total of 6 Universal
and 4 USB sockets.
On top of the tower, a wooden Board/platform mounted with 2 units of Vertical Pop-up Power socket each
with 3 Universal and 2 USB sockets, with elegent, versatile, safe and convenient to use features.
Simply press the top cover, it pops up, raise the unit from the mounting and you are ready to connect to
your appliances or devices.
When not in use, the socket is neatly stored below the desk surface.