Sunkyung UV-C Book and Toy Sterilizer

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SANKYUNG (KOREAN MADE) UVC- Books and Toy Sterilizers

An Expert in Ultraviolet Sterilizers

SUN-KYUNG Industry Co. Ltd supplies products to big restaurants and caterers, as well as small restaurants with limited work space and storage capacity, who also supply our products to schools, libraries, kindergarten and daycare centers, cafeterias, hospitals, dentists, beauty salons, company dining halls, officetels, hostels, military installations and government offices. We have been recognized as a top manufacturer of ultraviolet sterilizers.

Book Sterilizer (SK-8000)

Perfect for use in libraries, schools and daycare centers. 
Sterilize up to 6 books at once in 30 seconds.
Effective elimination of 99.9% against pathogenic bacteria.
3 UV lamps provide maximum sterilization.



  • Noise levels below 40db.
  • Maximum book length = 50cm
  • Sturdy wires for hanging books
  • Size: 650(W) x 580(D) x 720(H)mm
  • Timer control up to 9 minutes.
  • Rating: 100-240V 50-60Hz


Book Sterilizer (SK-9800)

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Automatically shuts off
  • Short process time of 30 seconds
  • 99.9% effective sterilization against pathogenic bacteria
  • Noise levels below 40dB, perfect for libraries
  • Dust is removed from books with high air pressure
  • Unit requires little space
  • Multi units can be used at once
  • Maximum book length is 50cm
  • - Size : 800W x 700D x 1920H mm
    - Voltage : 220v 50Hz / 400w
    - Usage : 20 books | 4 Shelves
    - Weight : 113kg

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