Product Description

Micker Pro MK-10W - All In One Mic 

Design that combines convenience and simplicity


Micker is new concept portable microphone with a built-in speaker. 

It is an upgraded all-in-one microphone with a built-in structure for lecture which gives the freedom of a wireless microphone and stability of a wired microphone.


- Sound Quality and Sound Level for a lecture room: it conveys a clean and clear tone of your voice.

- No directional nature of sound: the sound spreads out in whole the space, naturally and effectively.

- Howling suppressor: no unpleasable noise is generated in the microphone and in the speaker. This combined with no delay time, makes the sound very clear.

- Good grip feeling and convenient usability with a simple design: being held in one hand, it runs with only one button controls.

- All-in-one design to carry: without any complex cable system, it is convenient to carry around and keep in hand.

- Rigid material and excellent durability: even if dropped, it's not easily damaged or broken, so it's ideal for portable use.

-Simultaneous use with no crossing problem: the crossing problem, which can often occur with wireless products, won't happen with the MK-10W and several people can each use their microphones at the same time.

- Protection circuit mounted lithium ion battery and power saving mode: safe and long-lasting battery is included and with i'ts automatic power saving mode, a long use time is possible.

UX+ Technology: Howling suppression technology, no crosstalk, no cable connection complexity. Combines technology with UX design

Cradle Recharging: recharging is much more convenient by applying a charging cradle! Just place the Micker Pro on the cradle!



  • Max Power Output: 10W
  • Frequency Response: 200 Hz -> 15 kHz (+/- 2dB)
  • Battery time: 7.4V 1100mAh Li-ion Battery, appr. 6 hours of use (when fully charged)
  • Charging time: 2,5 hours (DC 5V 1A USB C type)
  • Charger: Cradle, DC 5V 1A USB C in
  • Size: 26cm
  • Weight: 300g
  • Accessoires: Pouch, Strap, Cradle

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