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ZIOXI Rechargeable powerHubs

No floor boxes? No problem!

The zioxi Rechargeable powerHubs are mobile, battery based, power towers which provide mains and intelligent USB power for up to 8 mobile devices such as laptops, Chromebooks, iPads & smartphones – anywhere, anytime. The wireless, rechargeable power hub doesn’t require plugging into a mains socket (except for re-charging).

Choose from different power socket configurations, hub heights, colours and rechargeable battery capacities. Battery life management and safety circuitry built in as standard. Option of zioxionView remote control. A truly mobile power station.

Perfect for Classrooms, drop-in areas, breakout spaces, large open plan learning zones and LRCs. Especially effective in BYOD and 1:1 tablet computing settings in schools, colleges, universities and offices.

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