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WOLFVISION demonstrates that simplicity truly is the ultimate sophistication. Drawing on more than 40 years' experience and expertise, we have engineered a new entry level Visualizer system, streamlined to include only its essential core components. 

The result is an elegant, compact, modern, affordable system that features excellent picture quality, plus the same robust design, and unrivalled ease of use , that is found throughout the entire
WOLFVISION product line.

Innovation in presentation with Visualizers



WolfVision's entry level VZ-3neo Visualizer system includes all the core features that every user requires, and it is customizable with a range of options providing maximum flexibility in system selection. 

This exceptionally compact and highly portable unit delivers high quality imaging, ease of use and excellent reliability. It features an eye-catching design where the camera, light system and electronic hardware are all integrated into the Visualizer arm. 

Only available in selected markets



VZ-8neo Visualizers offer quick and efficient handling of multimedia presentation content materials, and they can be customized using WolfVision feature packs, software, apps, and accessories, to provide an impressive all-in-one presentation solution. The VZ-8neo provides an outstanding 'live' imaging solution, whether used on its own, or in combination with our Cynap presentation and collaboration system. 

WolfVision VZ-3 Visualizer

VZ-8 Series

WolfVision's popular VZ-8 Series Visualizer syst ystems have become a worldwide standard in a large number of universities, schools and enterprises in recent years. The latest fourth generation VZ-8 Series units build on this outstanding success, they come with an elegant redesigned housing, feature a superb native 1080p HD camera, and are equipped with WolfVision's new YSOP1 image processing engine.
The VZ-8plus4 is the first Visualizer system worldwide with a frame rate of 60 fps (frames per second) at native 1080p HD resolution, allowing for smoother motion and faster autofocus than ever before.



The WolfVision VZ-9.4F and VZ-9.4L Visualizer systems transform the way multimedia content can be handled during presentations. The VZ-9.4 Series come with integrated WLAN and audio, and both models feature onboard HD recording functionality that allows complete multimedia presentation and lecture content to be captured. The VZ-9.4F features native 1080p HD resolution at a frame rate of up to 60 fps; and the VZ-9.4L comes with a native WXGA/720p HD camera at 30fps - and Synchronized Lasermarkers for easy positioning of objects.
Unique Multimedia Presentations
VZ-9.4 Series Visualizers are a key central component option of our vSolution: a solution which offers a flexible combination of Visualizer hardware, software, and accessories - supporting more effective communication and collaboration, through advanced but easy-to-use presentation technology.

WolfVision VZ-8 Visualizer presentation system

VZ-P Series

WolfVision P Series Visualizer systems use state-of-the-art Visualizer technology to deliver ultimate imaging performance. They are the number one choice of Desktop Visualizer when high precision recording of objects is required, with the highest possible level of color accuracy, shadow-free illumination and maximum depth of focus. A synchronized lightfield allows for easy positioning of display materials during presentations.
There are two different models available. They have different cameras, but otherwise identical features:
VZ-P18 with 1-CCD camera
VZ-P38 with 3-CCD camera (for 100% maximum color accuracy)



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