36 bays, tablets, laptops & Chromebooks Charge Cart

Featuring AVer’s intelligent charging system and extra-large slots, the C36i can charge and store up to 36 devices. Rest easy knowing that the C36i’s durable steel front door with a three-point locking mechanism will keep all your tablets, laptops and Chromebooks safe and secure. Enjoy the unparalleled convenience of the C36i’s handy storage compartments, LED charging status lights, and 2 external AC power outlets.

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Product Description

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Adjustable slot design

Adjustable slot design

Customizable charging slots give you the freedom to store a wide variety of tablets, laptops or Chromebooks – even with their protective covers. The partitions are easily removed to afford greater flexibility for storing large items, such as AVer visualizers, while repositionable cable clips make cable management completely painless

Intelligent charging system

Intelligent charging system

C36i's intelligent charging system optimizes total charging time by dividing devices into three zones, dynamically evaluating the power demand of each zone, and efficiently allocating electrical current to the zone that needs it most. 4 LED status indicators keep you up to date on each zone’s charging status.

Easy loading and charging

Easy loading and charging

The storage bays on the C36i can be adjusted to fit the widest mobile devices and laptops, and are arranged on two slide-out shelves mounted on industrial-grade rails, easing management and providing for friendly usage.

Innovative cable management

Innovative cable management

Power adapters are stored in individual compartments for added convenience, while the C36i's cutting-edge cable technology secures cables from slipping out of place and keeps them neat and organized.

Safe and secure storage

Safe and secure storage

The C36i protects against theft and vandalism with its durable steel construction and a 3-point locking mechanism on the front door. No longer will you have to worry about your valuable ICT investment being damaged or lost!

Storage/Charging capacity

36 tablets, laptops and/or Chromebooks under 14" (please refer to the slot dimensions below)

LED status indicators

Solid blue: charge mode

Lockable doors

Yes, front door with individual three-point lock

Storage drawers

Two 18-bay shelves

Cable management

Individual AC adapter compartments and secure cable channel

Security hook


Swivel casters

Yes, four 5" casters (2 lockable)

Intelligent charging mechanism


Auxiliary power outlet

Yes, 2 country-specific AC auxiliary outlets

Power system

3 grouped power strips with independent circuit overload protection

Slot dimensions (W x H x D)

34 x 260 x 360 mm

Cart dimensions (W x H x D)

977 x 880 x 600 mm

Net weight

80kg (176.4lbs)

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