MiPro MTG-100


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MTG-100 is an innovative pocket-sized digital wireless tour guide/interpretation system. Featuring industry s smallest and lightest system and the only true diversity design. Crystal-clear and secured communication in different environments thanks to its proprietary digital technology. This feature-packed system is user-friendly and easy to use.


Ultra Compact, Ultra Lightweight

Smaller and lighter than any industry’s wireless tour guide or mobile phones as it weights only 65g/2.3oz (battery included), it can easily be held with one hand, fit in a pocket or worn by a neck lanyards.


Secured Digital Transmission, Crystal Clear Audio

Digitally encrypted technology enables secure audio transmission, preventing unauthorized listening. Digital design provides crystal-clear audio quality, interference-free from Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 2.4GHz wireless transmission and unmatched by the deficiency of simple analog design systems. Digital technology ensures every word can be heard clearly especially at places with noisy environments.


Optimum Reception

Industry’s only true diversity technology for up to 100m/330ft (line-of-sight) of reliable reception range.


Rechargeable Battery

Built-in high performance lithium polymer rechargeable battery ensures over 14 hours per fast charge.


16 User Selectable Channels; 4 Compatible Systems

Maximum flexibility and ensures several different tours or groups can be operated at the same venue without interfering with each other.


License-free Frequency Ranges

ISM bands in EU 863~865 & USA 926~928 MHz require no user licensing; thus, no worries about charging groups and channels when operating in multiple countries.