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Want a connected experience for everyone in your organization from an extremely easy-to-use cloud-based video conferencing solution? Only Lifesize delivers end-to-end cloud-based video conferencing that's as easy, as lifelike and as remarkable as meeting in person. We do it by connecting our award-winning room video systems and mobile apps to our radically simple cloud service. Now everyone, regardless of location, is just one video call away from having a seat in the meeting.

No other cloud-based video conferencing solution makes the conference room experience so easy, accessible and frustration free for up to 25 video participants per call. And when you consider that each participant can be either an individual or an entire conference room full of people, you can see the new possibilities of the Lifesize connected experience.

Just plug our award-winning Lifesize Icon video system to the Internet and connect it with Lifesize Cloud. From there you can invite your team to participate in your video call and join together as many people on the call as you’d like. Once Lifesize Cloud is downloaded onto a laptop and/or mobile device, users can connect to your meetings anywhere, anytime, on any device.


What will Lifesize Cloud do for me? 
Have you been on a web conference lately or used a service like Blue Jeans® or GoToMeeting®? Not the most convenient experience. How many steps did it take to enter the meeting? How many numbers did you push before you connected? Too many, for sure. With the Lifesize Icon room video systems and Lifesize Cloud, it's one click and you're in—just as easy as meeting in real life. 


Having a meeting with Lifesize Cloud is as easy as using your smartphone.

-   Launch the Lifesize Cloud app
-   Click on people’s names in the directory
-   The meeting begins - instantly