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If you want a frustration-free, easy-to-use video conferencing system, you want the Lifesize Icon. 

Lifesize Icon is designed on one fundamental principle: simplicity. Setup takes minutes, and starting a video call takes seconds. You will quickly discover that making and receiving video calls is as easy as using your smartphone. And we think you will find yourself preferring video over voice.
Lifesize Icon provides a powerful and personal form of communication that is second to none—eye-to-eye interaction that propels productivity and stronger connected relationships. Lifesize Icon gets the technology out of the way so your users can get down to business. 
Product Details
Simple and Easy-to-Use
Video Conferencing System From installation and setup to the user interface that’s inviting, not intimidating, everything about Lifesize Icon is intuitive and easy to understand. Push a button and you are instantly in face-to-face discussions with your customers, partners, suppliers and colleagues. Only Lifesize Icon keeps your eyes on the screen while you rapidly scan menus, scroll through the directory and get on with your call. 
Add Call Participants Instantly 
When paired with Lifesize UVC core applications*, you can escalate to a multiparty call by clicking on a name in the directory. That’s powerful, especially when a conversation moves into someone else’s area of expertise and that person travels extensively or works in another location. Now you can add her or him to the meeting instantly. Even mobile callers can be included seamlessly and immediately with the Icon, the easy-to-use video conferencing system. *Lifesize UVC core applications, purchased separately in bundles, are conveniently pre-installed on Lifesize hardware or available as virtual machine software (VMware® and HyperV®). 
Stream and Record Calls 
The streaming and recording application allows you to present a message to a large audience live and record it for future playback on almost any device. It’s your very own video center that extends the functionality of your Lifesize Icon system and elevates the value of your investment exponentially. These UVC core applications, running on the Lifesize UVC Platform, are available with a simple click of a button. The technology behind how the conference works is invisible to the user. It just works, and that allows you to focus on the objectives of the meeting. Now that’s Smart Video. Try the Lifesize Icon today and see for yourself why it is the easiest video conferencing system in the world.