LifeSize UVC Manager

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LifeSize UVC Manager helps video administrators efficiently manage,monitor, schedule and upgrade complex video cAonferencing infrastructure and endpoints in their own networks andin remote networks behind firewalls or NAT boundaries.

Simplification for Administrators and End Users
Intelligent automation tools address key video management functions in a simple, straightforward manner, providing 24/7 oversight and significant savings in time and resources. 
LifeSize UVC Manager comes with a free management proxy, so IT administrators can manage their video devices behind firewalls and NATs. Its Smart Scheduler software and Automatic Call 
Establishment free administrators from manual scheduling,configuration and upgrades. A proactive alarm management system keeps administrators informed with on-the-go email alerts and graphical reports. 
LifeSize UVC Manager also features a variety of reporting functions that provide statistics for ROI tracking.
Accelerate Time-Intensive Tasks
LifeSize UVC Manager provides efficient control of LifeSize® UVC Transit™ to deliver automatic account provisioning and accurate call planning, thus easing time-intensive challenges associated with NAT and firewall traversal deployments for IT administrators.
LifeSize® UVC Platform™
LifeSize UVC Manager is part of the LifeSize UVC Platform, the simplest, most flexible way to get your video infrastructure up and running.